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Hospitality & Services

Shelter Facility Management W.L.L.

At SHELTER Facility Management we maintain and operate facilities to guarantee our client’s peace of mind. This has successfully been done throughout our currently more than 50,000 active property units under management globally.

We support our customers to enhance workplace environments and improve efficiencies by providing professional consistent service as well as customized solutions to deliver the best experience for commercial, residential, industrial or institutional spaces.

We continuously work on improving ourselves through innovative ways. We have customers across the public and private sectors. To us, the key to success is to deliver services that will improve the lives of our clients and their customers. Our vast range of capabilities enable us to meet the growing demand for more complicated, multi-activity contracts; and when these contracts include total facilities management, our experience and resources make us the ideal business partner that can improve the quality of people’s lives and the core businesses productivity and efficiency.

Prime Park Services W.L.L.

With more than 1 million square meter of properties under facility management and 20,000 parking spots under operations and management in Qatar, UAE, KSA, Lebanon and Jordan.

We provide expert specification tailored to the needs of the project and in turn save costly mistakes. We prepare feasibility studies to evaluate the economic viability of a proposed car park. We analyse a number of questions we calculate potential revenue and in turn anticipated operating cost.

Montalba Indoors L.L.C.

Montalba srl has gained 40 years experience in plant engineering and is an ever changing and constantly growing company with solid roots. We belong to the energy market and we specialize in plant technology and we can develop and follow up with our personnel all the stages of the work starting with the design up to the creation and operation of air conditioning, electrical, fire prevention and water treatment plants.

We have set ourselves goals which are to constantly improve the standard of quality, by supplying “avantgarde” systems using solutions with a low environmental impact and by studying the best solutions to meet the customers’ requirements.


Integrity, professionality, punctuality and customer loyalty are a few of our strengths.


We have been taking care of the cleaning  and remediation of air conditioning plants since 1995 and we are one of the forerunners in Italy and we have gained considerable experience in dealing with numerous types of plants and buildings such as: offices, schools, hospitals, restricted wards, operating theaters, banks, shopping centers etc. These are just some of the customers that have used our remediation services.

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