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The Future is Now!

We are leading the way in the pursuit of applications which aims to benefit human life.

Smart Cities / IoT


Consultancy, Operation, Integration & Financing

We draw on years of hard won experience in operating a broad range of car parks to provide the optimal level of cost effective professional operation.

Our operations are differentiated based on state-of-the-art concepts, design, and technology. Through inventive processes and unique solutions, Prime Park Services provides unmatched values to its customers.

We are responsible for the overall day to day management of your parking operations including supervision of staff, customer service, preserving maintenance and appearance standards, loss control, and financial budgeting/reporting to ensure a positive parking experience for each customer or patron using the parking lot.


Our vision:

  • To elevate drivers parking experience to the highest standards while sharing a common goal of quality and passion for customer services.

  • To be a leading provider of parking management and operation services.

  • To share a common goal of quality and passion for customer services.

  • To elevate drivers parking experience to the highest international standards.


MetaQ  L.L.C.

Software and Platforms Developments

METAQ LLC is a Qatari entity dedicated to building a vision of advancedm virtual, adn augmented reality digital worldss through strategic partnerships with core industry experts and leaders in the globe.


METAQ LLC core mission is to provide, through its strategic ventures, a holistic, immersive, and functional experience for a new web 3.0 metaverse that is benefiting the societies it humbly serve.

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